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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who or What Is Running for Rescues Inc.?

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization made up of a small group of people dedicated to funding those organizations which are on the front lines – pulling dogs and cats from high-kill shelters every day. Like many animal rescue groups, there are no paid employees here. Your donations are tax deductible.

Q. How Can I Help?

We are asking runners to pick a race they want to run and fundraise independently for us.

Q. I’ve Never Run Before, Can I Still Help?

YES! We are particularly looking for people who want to think “outside the box”…people who are willing to make a healthy lifestyle change to benefit the life of a shelter pet. We feel that “newbies” will be our biggest fundraisers – inspiring friends and family to donate to their commitment to helping shelter pets by making a personal sacrifice.

Q. “Been There, Done That.” So How Do I Inspire People To Donate?

Try something new! 5k veterans, train for a ½ marathon; ½ marathoners, get that 26.2 under your belt; and you marathoners? How about an Ultramarathon…or Disney’s Goofy Challenge? What about trying your first sprint triathlon?

Q. Which Race Do I Have To Run And When Is It?

That’s the beauty of fundraising for RfR. You pick the race, date and time. Unlike many other charity-running events, we don’t require that you raise a certain amount or run a certain race. This gives potential fundraisers the freedom of making their own choices. The idea is to also free up costs to RfR – we don’t have to have a huge staff or an elaborate website to maintain – ensuring that the most amount of money possible goes to saving lives.

Q. Why Should I Fundraise For You Guys?

Um, besides the fact that we’re really cool? We feel that any charity work you might want to fundraise for is a worthwhile endeavor. We just ask that you consider us, too. RfR will constantly post animals that we are funding on our FB page so you can see why you’ve been doing all that running. ASPCA & HSUS are terrific non-profits, but you can’t see where your money is going. We want you to share in the satisfaction in knowing you actually helped to save a life.

Q. May I Pick The Organization That I Want “My” Funds To Go?

At this time, we cannot let people pick their specific benefiting organization. RfR distributes money based on urgent situations. We cannot, in good conscience, hold on to any money raised when there is an animal that needs funds so it is not euthanized.

Q. Sounds Good! I’m In! Now What?

Our preferred fundraising host site is Our research shows that it has the lowest fees and easiest site-creating capabilities. But if you feel more comfortable on a different fundraising site, you are free to use any you choose. Again, what makes RfR unique is our flexibility. Your willingness to fundraise independently makes it unnecessary for us to have a paid staff member.