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Morning Runs & The Case Of The Pesky Poop

Greetings fellow runners, walkers, couch potatoes & animal lovers!! 

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many "informative" blogs about stuff that relates to running & animals in need.

But for now, can we just talk about early morning runs & the pesky poop factor? I cannot be the only person who has had to run loops around their home in the morning because it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll have to stop for a poddy break halfway to mile number I? 

I mean, what does a runner have to do?? I wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to drink green tea, eat a spoon of peanut butter & read my emails. All with the hopes of also waking my lazy-ass bowels and get them moving. 

In my mind, confetti falls from the ceiling when I get that first inkling that something is going to happen (some of you refer to it as prairie-doggin'-not me, but some of you). I skip gaily to the bathroom & when I'm through, begin to don my running gear. Smiling about what has been accomplished. Hey, when you're my age you need to be grateful for everything.

But by the time I'm pulling on my sneakers, that fear & doubt creeps back into my subconscious & that confidence I had just mere minutes ago is replaced by the certainty that this "empty" feeling won't last. In 15 minutes I'll be circling back, heading home to finish what I started. Wanting to run faster, but knowing if I do, it'll only make it worse. Think about baseball, I tell myself. But all I can envision is that 2017 tourist guide to Wyoming - waiting for me there in the bathroom. Beckoning me, if I'm honest. There is a page you haven't read, I swear it. Come, see for yourself!

To be continued-

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