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Morning Runs & The Case Of The Pesky Poop - Part 2...ahem

One of the most amazing thing a runner can see in their neighborhood is new construction! Seeing an excavation crew show up within a mile from your house elicits immense excitement - the likes of which that are usually reserved for Christmas morn.


Now in the real world, these portable fecal factories are shunned & reviled, but when you're out there on a morning run (or a long run in parts unknown) they are a beacon of comfort...a sanctuary. This token of good fortune bestowed upon you from the running gods lets you know the rest of your run will be great! We may even be talking negative splits!

Because lighter=faster.

Sometimes, though, disaster strikes. And when this type of disaster arrives, it strikes hard & fast.
Sometimes store aren't open to duck into - and when they are, sometimes the owner of said store is not sympathetic to your specific situation & sends you on your way.
Sometimes the woods aren't quite thick enough because it's wintertime & the trees are bare.
Sometimes you are forced to do what you never thought you would do.


But you're a runner, right?
And runners do what they gotta do, right?
It's all good...

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